The Retail sector has shown significant growth on the native and the global front and is attracting significant foreign investment. With the Government gently working towards FDI in multiple retail brands the asset value of the retail trade is estimated to be more than thousands of billion dollars in the coming few years. From the native grocer to the hypermarkets, retail demand is represented in every class of society. The grocery stores, shopping boardwalks, the online sites, and the excitable peddles incorporate the organized sector employ staff skillful and unskilled labor in huge quantity and makes provision for alternate employment like security, support, etc.

The Retail sector at present faces severe changes in buying action, mobility, and regulation. To maintain high positions of effectiveness and keep pace with client prospects, the pressure is carrying on established brands to embrace digital conversion and modernize heritage operations.

The sector has been incompetent to inapt the huge requisition for the workforce and also train the staff that is accessible to it. In view of the fact that the retail sector alone has been unable to inapt the growing vacuum, the sector has been drawing the demanded endowment from associated sectors like hospitality and several other industries. The retail sector is now facing the challenge of bridging the void in vital areas like inventory chain management, client relations, and retailing.

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